Friday, 20 August 2010

The Chooks have landed...

The Chickens came today :)

The guy from Omlet turned up in his brightly coloured van and put the Eglu together, showed me how it worked and we chatted about what we did for a living. Turns out he knew my Dad which was interesting!

Then the guy brought in a cat basket with 2 little Gingernut Rangers inside (Sussex x Rhode Island Red), the clucked happily as he open the cage and gave me a small, warm egg.....the first egg! Off the wobbled into the run and straight to the feed.

I have been sat watching them for hours! Who knew that these little creatures were so fascinating? I have already realised that each of them have their own personality and their own tastes in like marmite on toast, the other hates it!

They are currently un-named at the moment, the usual chicken-related names are floating around; Nugget and Drumstick, Korma and Bhuna...I want something country chic though..I like Henny and Penny, or Daisy and Masie....who knows, by tomorrow they may have names.

The poor old chooks had no idea what to do at dusk this evening....I had to tempt them into the house with corn in order to shut the pop hole and keep them was very funny to say the least- I love them!

I cannot wait to have them tagged tomorrow so I can tell who is who - even the dog and cat are getting on well with them. Lets see if we have a surprise in the nest box tomorrow :)

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  1. Congratulations on your new pets J! I would totally end up naming them after curries. Haha. Loving that you've joined us in blogosphere!xx