Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Walking in my never never land...

Today was a not-so-fun was hard (appointments cancelled, roadworks etc...). I saw a girl my age walking her Labrador and enjoying the sunshine and I thought about my fat Puglet at home snoring in the conservatory, basking in the heat on his leather chair.

Today was a hard day with things buzzing around in my me hardly any time to think about the current task that I was supposed to be concentrating on and I needed to get away. H2B and I have only recently gotten back from our 2 week holiday in the Dom Rep and already I feel like I need another one........the Beacon.

I got back to the house, left my phone in my office, grabbed the lead and whistled and the Puglet appeared out of nowhere at my feet. His chocolate button eyes glistened at me and he snorted in excitement for his next adventure on the other side of the garden gate.

Up at the Beacon we walked for ages, seeing Mum's and Dad's and Grandparent's with their children, past golfers and ramblers and the odd rabbit hole. Miko loves it up at the Beacon; one massive garden for him to investigate and a whole load more places to cock his leg up against. We got to the top of the hill next to the tablet that points out other hills on the horizon and sat there for a while. THIS IS MY NEVER NEVER LAND. It over looks the city, the river, the cottages, the farm houses, the cows, the sheep, the horses and it is silent (apart from the occasional snort and trickling wee sound that is inevitable when you own a Pug). This is where I do my thinking, this is where I pour my thoughts, my stresses, my bug bears...all across this landscape with the breeze whisking all of these thoughts away and leaving my with a nice orderly list of 'To-Do's' or categories of what is actually important in life.

The Pug on the other hand is busy sniffing, snorting, digging, peeing, licking and rolling in fox poo and he is in heaven.....all that a dog wants is to be fed, watered, exercised and loved. I look at the Pug sometimes as though he is some sort of wise soul. He has such a wise expression and a chilled back attitude...just how I feel when we are in Never Never Land.

This little place, my secret place (I never thought I would have one; I searched for one as a child and never understood why people need them. I am now 22 and I get it...) where the Pug and I can be oblivious to the world around us. Usually no one knows we are there and we can escape for an hour or so and not feel bad about it....its almost healing.

I am so grateful for my never never land...and I am grateful that I can type exactly how it feels. I am not a religious person, but it feels good to appreciate exactly what we have on this

That was quite a romantic blogg...and also more poetic than I originally meant it...but it feels good. Maybe this is the way to relieve that stress?

Have fun in your Never Never Land......